CAIU is an independent design studio creating captivating objects made of stone with an emphasis on form, texture, and light. Made of natural stone veneer, CAIU products push rock to new boundaries the material simultaneously bending, reflective and seemingly weightless. These new interpretations shift our relationship with rocks and our notions toward them – expanding where we may find them and what they can do.


The studio utilizes by-hand methods and modern technologies in the development of CAIU objects. Sheets are laser cut then assembled by hand. All components aside from the stone are finished with patination. CAIU utilizes three kinds of patina: black brass, bronzed brass, and a new custom process patina named Mundo. Mundo is a made under strict guidelines that allow for a natural billowing of brown, green, and blue that resembles an atmospheric shot of the globe. Naturally occurring differences in the rock and patinas make every product one of a kind, unique as the stone that makes it.

CAIU  Mundo Patina

CAIU Mundo Patina


CAIU founder Kai Patricio was born into a culture of craft, apprenticing in carpentry as soon as he was able to hold a hammer. Trained by craftsmen, builders, and fine artists Patricio has developed his practice in a variety of mediums and fields over his lifetime.

Patricio founded CAIU in 2017 and continues to make poignant, captivating objects from stone.